About the Product

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    • For people with larger-sized mouths with health gums, please buy our Ranhee 5 (large size head) or Hannull 4 (medium size head)
    • Bristles are extremely gentle for teeth and gums but strong and fine enough to penetrate deep within narrow crevices of the periodontal pocket between teeth and gums to remove plaque, the major contributor of gum disease.
    • The tip of bristle is 0.01 – 0.03 mm fine compared to 0.2mm tip of traditional bristles – 100% ine Bristles.
    • Compact Head – 2 times the size of an average adult tooth, the head cleans even the hard-to-reach areas.
    • FDA Registration Number 3003896842, BPA Free


    Important Information

    Handle = made with Eastmar copolyester AN004, Natural.

    Our toothbrushes have tapered fine bristles that penetrate deep within narrow crevices of the periodontal pocket between teeth and gums to remove plaque. During the first week you may experience some minor discomfort since the fine bristles will clean in areas that haven’t been touched before. This is similar to the feeling of flossing for the first time. However, this minor discomfort will soon disappear, and you will have healthier teeth and gums, and your mouth will feel fresh all day.

    [wpsm_quote author=“the dentists“ float=“none“ width=“100″]Total HERB is the #1 Brand recommended most by dentists…[/wpsm_quote]

    Brushing toothpaste is one simple step you can incorporate into your daily routine to help keep your mouth healthy, and it can have a positive effect on your oral health.

    It’s FDA-approved to help prevent gingivitis.

    *Colgate Total toothpaste is approved through the New Drug Application process to help prevent gingivitis. Not approved for the prevention or treatment of serious gum disease or other diseases.


    Customer FAQ

    [wpsm_accordion_section title=“Does this toothpaste have sodium lauryl sulfate in it?“]Yes[/wpsm_accordion_section]
    [wpsm_accordion_section title=“Does this toothpaste tube have a hinged fliptop cap?“]Yes mine did [/wpsm_accordion_section]
    [wpsm_accordion_section title=“Does the cap stay attached to the tube? (Kids like to lose caps!)“]yes, the cap is attached and it flips open and closed. it’s the big round cap.[/wpsm_accordion_section]
    [wpsm_accordion_section title=“do u ship to india?“]Worldwide shipping [/wpsm_accordion_section]